How do I Sign up as a Smart Hailer or Rider?

To become a Smart Rider, simply, click on the Signup button option to Sign up as a rider.

Can I book a ride anywhere in Nigeria?

Cabsmart is for now limited to Lagos State and Ogun State.

What is the passenger limit to a ride?

The passenger limit to a ride is 3-4 depending on the class of ride subscribed.

Can I Cabsmart for just myself?

Yes, you can Cabsmart alone.

How safe am I on a Cabsmart Ride?

You are very safe on a Cabsmart ride. Our Smart riders are verified to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

How do I change my account information?

Your account information can be adjusted on your account dashboard. Your account dashboard is the default page the system takes you, upon signing into your account.

I forgot my password – how do I reset it?

Click on the "forgot password" option on your login page, and you will receive a notification guiding you on how to reset your password.

I am having issues signing-up successfully.

Please click on the contact button for further help. Alternatively, you can put a call to our customer service or email

I lost an item

Perhaps you forgot an item in a ride, you can contact the driver to inquire and arrange its retrieval.

Subscribing for a ride

Rides can only be subscribed for by using the online platform
Sign in into your dashboard to click on “Choose a plan’’ to follow the steps below

Driver misconduct

Cabsmart Nigeria expects a high standard of professionalism from our Drivers. We sincerely apologize for any act of unprofessionalism It is against our standard that driver should:

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you observe such display of behavior. We will follow up on the incident to take appropriate disciplinary actions where necessary.

Updating my profile

To update your contact information is easy. Here is how you can update your profile:

Why verify my identity?

To effectively enjoy our service either as Smart driver or Smart Rider, it is mandatory you verify your identity to ensure Cabsmart remain safe. Verifying every user is the only means to ensure safety on the platform.

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