I don't drive full-time. Can I use Cabsmart for just a few hours a Week?

Of course, you can be active for few hours during either during weekdays or weekend while you still make reasonable income.

How do I get paid?

Riders pay you in cash or via Cabsmart gateway channel. We pay out to your bank account after 48 working hours.

How much do I pay Cabsmart?

We do not charge any monthly fees, so you only pay for finished trips. We usually ask for 15% to 20% of the ride fee, depending on your city. You can get more information by contacting us.

How long does it take to sign up?

Signing up takes just 5 minutes while your profile await verification. The submitted document undergo verification process with Cabsmart Team.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

We suggest you get an Android phone that will enable you to access your dashboard to see ride request.

Rider did not pay or Under pay

With Cabsmart, riders may pay either through gateway (card/other services) or cash . Drivers are responsible for collecting cash from passengers for cash-paid rides. If the passenger is through card, you will be notified as the driver. Please do not ask the passenger for cash. Please follow the guidelines below for cash-paid trip:

Checking Earnings and Bonuses

Your account balance information can be found when you log in to your dashboard. You can also see this information by selecting the Earnings tab from your dashboard.

Cancellation Fee

If your trip is cancelled 5 minutes after your arrival at the pickup station, the rider will be charged a cancellation fee, they will not be charged for the time waited.

Reporting Price Problem

Prices for trips are calculated based on the following:

In the event of a bad Internet connection, issues will be detected automatically and thus the price will be updated based on the pricing elements. If, However, you suspect further pricing issue, kindly report to info@cabsmart.ng

Not Getting Cash Trip Request

Perhaps you notice you not getting cash request ride, it may be liken to negative invoice balance on your Earning Tab. If this is the case, kindly ensure you pay your outstanding debt to enable you get cash-paid trips.

Commission Charge

Depending on the Subscription Plan, Cabsmart charges on average of 15% - 20% commission from the final price per ride. Please contact our Support Team if you need any support/help.

Waiting for a rider?

In a situation whereby a rider has not arrived 4-5 minutes after reaching the pick-up point, ensure to call them .

Becoming a Cabsmart Driver

To be a verified driver on our platform, driver must meet certain age and meet the following requirement

My Account is blocked

In our bid to deliver comfortable and safe ride to our riders, a driver’s account may be blocked temporarily or permanently depending on the following

Why request for personal information

At Cabsmart, we are very cautious of safety. Your personal data is needed to process the verification of information submitted and also to process your payment when necessary

Forgot my password

Do not worry if you forget you log in details. Click on forgot password and follow the process that follows. Reset password link will be sent to your email address.

Why upload my documents?

To become an approved driver on our platform, you are required to upload the following documents:

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is a photo of your face that every rider will see before and during the ride. Drivers must display a clear and visible picture of themselves on the platform, so the Rider is able to identify that you are the correct Driver.

Vehicle Inspection

The quality of service delivered is very important to Cabsmart Nigeria, and in line with this, every vehicle gets inspection receipt to ensure driver and rider safety and comfort.

I want to pay my commission fee

To pay owed commission, please send to:

Make the payment at the bank (over the counter) or through mobile transfer and send proof of payment (screenshot of debit alert or picture of teller) to us via info@cabsmart.ng
Once payment is made, send the proof of payment to us for validation, your balance would be adjusted to reflect the cleared debt.

Driver requirements
How To Become A Driver With Cabsmart.

Do you want to make more money while driving your car? Signup to get more information about driving in your city. Cabsmart Driver-Partner Requirements:

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

All vehicles have to be road fit and in good physical condition. All vehicles must have:

Vehicle Documentation

Before you can become a verified driver on Cabsmart, you have to upload the following documents:

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