A subscription-based ride-sharing service is the hub of our service. Connecting a Smart Rider with a Smart Driver through our platform. Where in this context, a Smart Rider is otherwise known as someone who requests for a ride and the Smart Driver as the giver of the ride requested

Here is a step by step guide on how to request a ride:

Step 1

A Hailer launches the website:

The rider sign-in into their dashboard and click on “Choose A Plan’’ to specify their subscription type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Enterprise) enters their pick up station into From Address? box and also enters their destination into the To? box on the top of the screen; selects a subscription ride option to see the wait time, car sizes, and price; then confirms their pickup and departure time and date and taps “Subscribe” to specify either (Single Trip or Round Trip) to be either (Morning or Evening) and proceed to select the payment option

Step 2

The Smart Hailer is matched with a Driver

A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the Rider's trip request. The rider is automatically notified when the driver accepts the request. If the driver accepts the ride request, riders will automatically get a notification of the driver details and his pick up station. If the driver cancels the ride, riders will be matched with another driver.

Step 3

The driver picks up the rider at the agreed station

The driver and the riders verify each other and their respective destination. Then the driver starts the ride.

Step 4

The driver takes the Rider to the destination

Our platform gives the driver the option to access detailed directions, so the driver can concentrate on a seamless ride and afford the rider a comfortable and safe ride.

Step 5

The driver and rider rate and review a completed ride

At the end of a requested ride, drivers and riders can rate and review each other

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